la. vie. en. rose.

“Sometimes being blind enables you to see better than those who have sight. People who can see often don’t.”-Stevie Wonder

Maybe this is silly, but I wish I could live in colour. Sometimes I feel so stifled by my surroundings; colours have been so institutionalized. They wear such heavy and convoluted meanings these days that I either feel like I can’t see colour or I overlook it because it’s just one more stimulant that is thrown in my face.

When I “window shop” on-line though, I feel like colour has a completely new meaning. Take for instance this gown from J.Crew.

For some reason I feel as though I could have never seen this colour if it were out in the world. Maybe it’s the design of the gown along with the colour, or the pose that the model assumes with the dress on, but this colour is so gorgeous I felt like my eyes melted when I first saw it.

As an artist I struggle with the idea of colour a lot because colours do have so many meanings and things associated with them. Given, most of my work is done in black and white analogue photography, so I don’t exactly have to address the issue of colour in the same manner that a painter or like this gown, a textile consultant would.

It is something I worry about a lot though. So much that I have found I avoid colour, not just when addressing my art, but in my life. My mother always complains that my palette selection for my living space and clothing is boring; “You’re an art major for god’s sake, you’d think everything you did would be colourful.” Meanwhile she painted her bedroom an arresting combination of school-bus yellow and cyan and I swear I suffered a small heart attack when I saw it.

The internet has rekindled my love for colour. Websites like and are amazing and honestly even if you aren’t an artist, designer, what-have-you, you should join. I have spent countless hours on colourlovers, just looking and the simple click of a mouse at hexday has lead to some pretty inspired decisions.


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