jumpin. the. gun.

So today I found out that I could graduate this term. Or should I say, could have. If only I wasn’t so overzealous fall term! Unfortunately the deadline for applying for winter-term graduation was four weeks ago, and of course I never thought I would finish early, so I applied for spring term graduation.

Aside: Kind of ridiculous that universities make you apply to graduate… I sat at my computer for a good five minutes thinking, ‘Didn’t I do this four years ago, trying to initially get in so that I could graduate?’ Whatever.

So, here I am… stuck in an undergraduate holding cell. It seems kind of nice not having to face the real world just yet, but I’m definitely waning on drive right now. I’m trying to stay positive, which in my mind will help keep me motivated. I’ve decided to make a list of things that I am excited about each day to help. (We’ll see how long this lasts…)

Things helping me stay motivated today are:

  1. Not having to take 18 upper div. studio credits next term. Woo!
  2. Three out of four boxes checked off on my PSU Asmission Application Checklist.
  3. My job shadow at the Right Brain Initiative coming up soon.
  4. My new shoes. :]
  5. Spring Break is in two weeks!
  6. My Adv. Photo class final group project: we’re making a book on blurb.
  7. First Friday Art Walk in Eugene (fingers crossed it isn’t raining).
  8. And this image by my friend Melissa. Isn’t it gorgeous?!  by Melissa Mankins.

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