music. to. my. ears.

Today’s list of exciting things entails:

  1. I am in love with this song. My lover sent this to me yesterday and it made my day. It’s still making my day because it’s such a great song.
  2. Actually I’m just in love with this band. Check out this other great track of theirs: 40 Day Dream Listen. Here.
  3. J.Crew‘s new ‘Rainy Day’ ballet flat. I swear these were made with me in mind.
  4. My Adv. Photo class final project book is up on blurb and ready for purchase if people are interested.
  5. It’s sunny and 60°F outside! Even if I have to write my art history research paper, at least I can do it with my shades on.
  6. My African Violet (I affectionately refer to her as Veronica) has new little baby leaves!

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