fin. de. siècle.

Though it isn’t exactly the end of a century it kind of feels as though it is one for me; today I finished my undergraduate education in it’s entirety. It’s been a pretty hectic week:
– a 25 page paper on the affects of popular culture on our present-day perspective of PreColumbian Mesoamerican culture
– 15 4×5 contact prints
– a portfolio so large and cumbersome it only fit in a carry-on suitcase
– 32 drawings

And to prove I’m not making all of this up, images will be posted shortly.

I am super excited for tomorrow!

  1. I get to bring back my library books that I used for my 25 page paper which will clear up a ton of space on my desk and feel pretty refreshing
  2. My friend Monica and I are going to get new gym clothes so that we’ll look stylin’ when we go to the gym all of next term
  3. Monica and I are also helping our friend Neil bake a cake for our other friend Molly, whose birthday is Saturday
  4. Leaving for home in 32 hours!!!

It is going to be a great weekend. :]


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