i’ve. been. framed.

Images from my final portfolio for Adv. Photo.

The above images are a summation of the work that I executed throughout the term. The idea was originally based off of a pretty strange encounter. I was at a relative’s house and on a bookshelf was a frame with the insert still left in the frame; on the insert was a highly idealized scene of a leggy blond running on the beach with a golden retriever. Seeing this image of  another person, someone who didn’t belong, framed seemed so strange to me. I decided I would take images from my life, images that were not highly sterilized and idyllic and put them in picture frames in big box stores so that other people could have a piece of my life in their home.

After several shady trips to Target and Wal-Mart, my work was more-or-less complete but the idea still needed to be presented. These images above aim to display this strange dichotomy that has presented itself with this idea. Unfortunately the images above are simply the images, but they each were framed with similar white framing. A frame within a frame within a frame essentially.


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