Today was a beautiful day; I’m so glad the weather has turned around. Except for the fact that it will eventually get hot. I can’t handle the heat. But today was wonderful.

I heard this song today and it was the epitome of the weather and the good vibes of my day. The video is lame, but I like the piano part a lot.

Lemonade in shade with my feet up, definitely!

Going along with the sunshine theme today, I got some sweet new sandals from Gap. I’m always pretty apprehensive about sandals because I usually don’t like things between my toes or straps around my ankles, but these are super comfortable and don’t overwhelm my little baby feet. Plus they’re pretty neutral, so they can go with jeans or dresses.

Being a resident assistant can get pretty limiting as far as doing fun things, or things in general like having a social life, having privacy and alone time, and cooking. I’m really tired of eating cafeteria food so I’m making a new concoction for dinner tonight: couscous with green onion, butter, lemon, garbanzo beans, black pepper and maybe a little Parmesan cheese.

I would love to have some grilled asparagus and a little baby chicken breast, but we’re not really allowed to have grills in the residence halls. At least I can make the couscous in my rice cooker. I can’t wait to live in a space where there is a kitchen!


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