Thanks to i heart photograph, I found this amazing artist whom I envy SO much because of his brilliance. Lately I’ve been doing studies of landscapes with my photographic work, but landscapes created by things… other than land. I’m particularly interested in how the body can be used to create landscapes.

This artist, Jason Lazarus, took the ashes of artist Robert Heinecken–with permission–and made photograms of Heinecken’s cremated remains. The images look like constellations or mappings of the universe. They are beautiful and have an other-worldly quality to them.

Heinecken Studies

Study #6 (154y, 64m at f8 for 1 sec, burned with flashlight)

Study #21 (171y, 171m at f8, 30 sec with slight dodge)

Study #15 (10y, 171m at f16, 6 sec)

If you click on Robert Heinecken’s name above it will take you to a web page regarding some of his work at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.



I recently joined Pinterest, a place to share visual collections of things you love. It has taken over my life. In a completely good way, I do believe. I still feel kind of rusty, but it has a snow-balling effect on the soul I’m pretty sure.

So this is my unabashed soap-box telling you to join because you’ll love it. Plus you can join the Pin-it-Forward movement started by sfgirlbybay. Just do it. The list just came out and I’ll be making my debut on May 31st. If you decide not to join, not to worry, I’ll be featuring my pins here!


The pressure is mounting. Two more days to get all of my studio work complete and to pack half of my little apartment up to ship back home. I swear, I don’t know how I managed to get so much stuff in here!

To counter act my stress I indulged a little with my favourite peanut m&ms and this adorable/uplifting song by Basia Bulat. I love her sound, and this music video is so cute (my favourite part is the dancing skeletons… I see a potential conceptual project there!)


I’ve got four days to basically make magic happen in the studio, 12 days to move out of my apartment, 15 days until my birthday, 20 days to find a new large format camera for under $400, and 23 days until I finish my undergraduate degree.

Of course all I want to do is go back to the beach and forget about my responsibilities. Hopefully wistfully staring as this lovely ocean view will suffice for now.


Today I had to do a presentation on artists and things that inspire my photographic body of work, and I just decided that I would also share that with all of you, since I’ve been bad about posting my work.

The first thing that really got me into photography was a short film that my basic photo instructor showed during one of our first classes and it stuck with me ever since. I’ve seen this film several times because that’s just what we do in photo, but it’s actually pretty phenomenal in my opinion. The film La Jetée (aka. The Pier) is a post-apocalyptic photo-montage that was actually the inspiration to the film ’12 Monkeys’. It also serves as a great inspiration to my work.

I also love Uta Barth and Guiseppe Penone, but I’ve already done posts about both of them.

A lot of my work seems to come from the same place: my obsessions. I’m actually pretty obsessively compulsive about cleanliness and well, just anal retentive about everything else basically. My first real body of work focused around how many times I washed my hands in one day; I would take a picture of the sink I washed my hands at every time I washed my hands. Subsequently I made a book of all 84 images.

These images were taken in the printmaking studio where I had an 8am Intaglio class. Powdered Resin and Ferrous Chloride tend to make me scrub my hands pretty vigorously.


My next body of work was all about how I try to erase my physical presence in my own home, and even no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t matter there is always a trace left behind. The whole exercise actually made me more neurotic than I already am, so I decided to stop and move on to a new concept.

40 Day Dream

The idea that small traces of my body made such a big impact on my environment was pretty outrageous to me. I started exploring the idea of utilizing my body to create landscapes and subsequently began my largest body of work: 40 Day Dream (after the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song). This was the first image taken of my initial sleep study.


I’ve been saving up all of these images that melt my little heart and I just can’t keep them to myself anymore.

cute kitten curled up cat pic

So. Cute.


These Matryoshka Doll Measuring Cups from Urban Outfitters

Little Lamb Pillows from Molly’s Sketchbook on Purl Bee

Sweet Aqua Blue Mini Rosebud earrings from Downandoutchic’s Etsy


Girls’ Summer Rosebud flats from J.Crew

PLUS this super cute song by Ingrid Michaelson


Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with lockets. I had one that my mother gave me when I was young, but of course it’s no where to be found now. I’m really loving these lockets that I’ve been scoping out online.

This cute Rabbit one from Mod Cloth

An Initial-inscribed locket from Urban Outfitters

Forever More, a LuLuLuxe Bridal Locket

Paris Keepsake Necklace from Forever21

J. Crew’s Heirloom Octagonal Locket

My personal favourite is the one from Urban Outfitters.

PS. my other obsession right now is this song by Grizzly Bear. I seriously can’t get it out of my head. So good. And their cheeks are cute in the video. :]


Yesterday in Conceptual Strategies we FINALLY discussed an artist I have never heard of or seen his work. It was actually pretty exciting.

Anyways, Martin Parr is refreshingly satirical in his work, and though he does capture the essence of some pretty big sociopolitical issues, the humor makes his images easily digestible.

To learn more about his work there are quite a few books out about/by him.

This book by Sandra Philips of Martin’s work gives insight to his beginnings and career.

PS. Phaidon has produced several books on Martin, check it out on Amazon.

Martin Parr

From the series Headshots

From series Last Resort

New Brighton; Last Resort


I am enamored by the colour in his images.


This week was a whirl-wind: between the exhibit, two photo critiques, a paper and just life in general, I’m surprised I got it all done in one piece!

I promised an update on the mishaps at the museum. Sorry to disappoint, but there weren’t too many. I almost got into the case, but it turned out the my super petite arms were enough to fix the display. I never thought I would be so excited about having small arms, but this week gave me lots of reasons to appreciate myself.

Speaking of the exhibit, it’s up and open! So if you’re in the Eugene/Springfield or surrounding areas, or if you decide to make a pilgrimage down, please visit the Lane County Historical Museum! The exhibit will be up for the next 11 months, so don’t worry, you have time to see it before it’s taken down.

For more information about the museum, click here.

Going to the digital lab today, so hopefully I’ll be able to scan some of my work in, so you can see all the photos I’ve been working hard on to create the past few weeks.

Final thing, this song has kept me going all this week, and I want to share it.

(The video… isn’t a video, but the song is great)