This week was a whirl-wind: between the exhibit, two photo critiques, a paper and just life in general, I’m surprised I got it all done in one piece!

I promised an update on the mishaps at the museum. Sorry to disappoint, but there weren’t too many. I almost got into the case, but it turned out the my super petite arms were enough to fix the display. I never thought I would be so excited about having small arms, but this week gave me lots of reasons to appreciate myself.

Speaking of the exhibit, it’s up and open! So if you’re in the Eugene/Springfield or surrounding areas, or if you decide to make a pilgrimage down, please visit the Lane County Historical Museum! The exhibit will be up for the next 11 months, so don’t worry, you have time to see it before it’s taken down.

For more information about the museum, click here.

Going to the digital lab today, so hopefully I’ll be able to scan some of my work in, so you can see all the photos I’ve been working hard on to create the past few weeks.

Final thing, this song has kept me going all this week, and I want to share it.

(The video… isn’t a video, but the song is great)


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