Thanks to i heart photograph, I found this amazing artist whom I envy SO much because of his brilliance. Lately I’ve been doing studies of landscapes with my photographic work, but landscapes created by things… other than land. I’m particularly interested in how the body can be used to create landscapes.

This artist, Jason Lazarus, took the ashes of artist Robert Heinecken–with permission–and made photograms of Heinecken’s cremated remains. The images look like constellations or mappings of the universe. They are beautiful and have an other-worldly quality to them.

Heinecken Studies

Study #6 (154y, 64m at f8 for 1 sec, burned with flashlight)

Study #21 (171y, 171m at f8, 30 sec with slight dodge)

Study #15 (10y, 171m at f16, 6 sec)

If you click on Robert Heinecken’s name above it will take you to a web page regarding some of his work at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.


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