Along with being the first of May (happy May day everyone!), yesterday was the 136th Run for the Roses, which to me is much more exciting. Of course, I had my final museum class from 9-5 that day, so I missed the race. BUT! ESPN is wonderful–funny that should ever come out of my mouth–and had a replay of the race for me to watch, without spoiling the results for me. Much to my pleasure, my horse won, so I’m very happy about that. (PS. Horse Racing is probably the only sport I actually enjoy/engage in, and the KD is obviously the biggest race, so this is a pretty big deal for me.)

Calvin Borel atop Super Saver

In other exciting news, we’re in the home stretch for the opening of the Tie Dye and Tofu exhibit, on Saturday, May 8th. Yesterday I spent 8 hours mounting 57 million images and posters to foam core backing. Okay, maybe not 57 million, but it certainly felt like it. Who knew creating displays would require so much grunt work? We haven’t even started the difficult part yet: getting all the panels into the display cases. Doesn’t seem difficult… except for the fact that the display cases are vintage clothing display cases–which weigh basically 1,000 lbs each–that have sliding glass doors that go straight up and require two people to push up. Oh, did I also mention the fact that blocking the clearance to one of the sliding doors is a suspended buggy from the 1800’s, that can’t be moved? So how do we get the panels in there without completely ruining them…? That’s right, me. There’s about a foot that the glass door can be pushed up, so I was elected to squeeze myself under the doors, and hang the display… trapped inside the case.

Stay tuned, there will be more to come on this epic adventure of museum mishaps.

Today I am especially excited for the sun! and taking pictures for my lovely friend Mo, for her grad announcements. I feel like such a professional. :]

Happy Spring!