I can’t wait for this summer season to begin! So many fun things are happening and I just want to get out and do them!

Coming up soon, and something I’m really excited about is the Northwest Film Center presenting the best film ever made about filmmaking: Frederico Fellini’s Oscar-winning 8½. Cutting freely between dream sequences, flashbacks, and the present, Fellini brilliantly weaves memory, fantasy, and reality into an intense psychological portrait and a thoughtful meditation on the life of an artist. The most autobiographical of Fellini’s work, 8½ is one of cinema’s greatest and most influential films.

I found a clip that beautifully illustrates the flashback vs. present aspect of the film.

Not only is it a fantastic film, the aspect of photography is so beautifully articulated! What can I say, I’m a photo-junkie.

If you’re in the Portland Metro-Area between June 18th-21st, you definitely have to fit this screening into your schedule.


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