Sorry for not posting the last few days. I was on a last-minute planned adventure out to Bagby Hot Springs and Smith Rock.

Bagby Hot Springs actually really surprised me. I was expecting to sit in a hole in the ground with a bunch of naked old hippies. Contrary to my prediction, the hot springs at Bagby were pretty elaborate in their set up. There was a string of private rooms that the water was channeled to via carved, wooden “pipes” that you could adjust the water flow to your tub. Then there were four “communal” tubs, three of which looked like those log flume carts that Disney mimics on their Splash Mountain ride, and the ‘Backyard Brewery’ big tub that take 45 minutes to fill when empty.

This is the big tub… but obviously not me. Oregon Hot Springs has a great website describing in detail the different locations to find great springs. Click on the image for more information.

To get there we hiked in 1.4 miles, and it was a really pleasant trail with beautiful foliage and views of the Collawash river. There were several spots with little falls, and the blue of the river was GORGEOUS!

After spending a few hours in the springs, we hiked back to the car and drove out to Smith Rock for some rock climbing.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to climb but the hike we went on, up to see Monkey Face rock, could have very well passed as rock climbing. Only 0.75 miles (one-way), the Misery Ridge Trail is the most difficult out of all the trails at the Smith Rock State Park. Of course, if the name doesn’t give it away, the pictures will.

This is the the trail, going back down. Killer on the joints and quite scary if you slip.

After our hike we camped at Smith Rock State Park, which was pretty full, but a really nice camping area. (Which means it really is nice, since I’m really not an out-doors kind of girl.)

On our journey back home we witnessed some really beautiful landscapes. It’s funny how everyone is complaining about the weather being so wet and rainy in June, but it was pretty cool to see the mountain tops all covered in snow at this time of year.


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