I recently was introduced to an interactive artwork, John Baldessari’s In Still Life 2001-2010 and is actually quite entertaining. Baldessari took Abraham van Beyeren’s Banquet Still Life (in 2001), juxtaposed the actual painting with an empty frame and allowed the patrons of LACMA to digitally rearrange the objects within the painting to then create their own masterpieces.

Click to see image

This is the original work

I looked through the catalog of previously created masterpieces, by other guests, and they’re pretty hilarious. Of course, I tried to render my work as I thought a Golden Age Still Life would look like. But others had some pretty abstract rendering they were going for, and it turned out pretty wonderfully.

Banquet Still Life with a Mouse Goes into Zero Gravity Joel J. Rane  by In Still Life.

Joel R. Jane created this masterpiece entitled Banquet Still Life with a Mouse Goes into Zero Gravity

John Baldessari himself has pretty whimsical ideas that he has excuted. One of my favourites is his California Map Project.

California Map Project

Photographs of letters that spell California and of the map used for locating the site of each letter. The letters vary in scale from one foot to approximatly one hundred feet, and in materials used. The letters are located as near as possible within the area occupied by the letters on the map. The idea was to see the landscape as a map and to actually execute each letter and symbol of the map employed on the corresponding part of the earth. It was an attempt to make the real world match a map, to impose a language on nature and vice-versa.”

-John Baldessari


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