My love for Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, just got greater.

Ellsworth Blouse by Floreat

Not that I didn’t enjoy the book, I loved it. Of course in the end, I despised Ellsworth’s character–very long winded and a sly bottom-feeder–but my contempt for him is not great enough to keep me from loving this


Today starts off “Insect Week” at camp. I normally try to do crafts with the kiddies that corresponds with the theme, but I’m not a big bug-lover.

Fortunately! I found these sweet little origami butterflies on Etsy

Origami Butterflies in Shades of Yellow

Which inspired me to make some butterfly mobiles with the little ones. Photos to come later of how the project turns out.

Despite being a fall trend, I am in need of a cute leather moto jacket.

Karl Lagerfeld with models Lara Stone and Baptiste Giacobini on a customized motorcycle for Chanel.

Now that’s riding in style… literally!

My lover has a ‘bike’ and while it’s fun zipping around on the back of it in my little flats and light summer clothes, come fall I will need something more structured and protective of both the elements and the pavement.

I’ve been doing a little research–as I like to call it–because I know that a pre-fall sale will hit come Labor Day and I want to be prepared to score a sweet deal.

Juicy Couture Bracelet Sleeve Moto Leather Jacket

This jacket is lovely, but it’s ‘Elephant’ hue is probably not a good choice for me and the beautiful Oregon rain. It will get dirty as soon as I put it on. And the cropped style is cute, but as part as functionality, I wish it was a bit longer in the torso.

Belstaff Liss Blazer in Antique Black

I love this one for the tailored aspects of it. The shape is much less boxy like most moto coats and made to fit and flatter a woman’s body–being petite yet more curvaceous this is definitely a plus. It’s also longer in torso length. The thing about this is that it is way out of my price range, and though the black is an eco-friendly vegetable dye, I wish it was in a beautiful gem tone teal or exotic aubergine.

Steve Madden Ruched Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

Steve Madden Ruched Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket

Speaking of Teal! The colour is lovely, the fit streamlined and sleek. The issue? It isn’t real leather, or else I would be all over this. Reading the product reviews, it sounds that the material doesn’t feel or look cheap. Still, it’s the fact that I know it isn’t real leather that will probably keep me up at night.


Lauren DiCioccio

This series is a response to the current movement to eliminate plastic bags from consumer use due to their negative environmental impact. Each one-of-a-kind sculpture is based on a plastic bag I have collected in a shop or on the street. I hand-embroider the icons and text onto bridal organza and then form the material into the life-sized shape of the bag. The sculptures are delicate ghosts of the original bags, mass-produced plastic replaced with soft, tediously worked fabric.

Simply beautiful. Her work made me think of Zoë Sheehan Saldaña
and her body of work Shopdropping.

faded glory ruched shoulder tank

Faded Glory Ruched Shoulder Tank (China Red), 2003

Originally purchased on June 18, 2003 for $9.77 from the Wal-Mart store in Berlin, Vermont.

The clothing was duplicated by hand, matching pattern, fabric, and embellishments. The tags
from the original item were sewn into the duplicate. The duplicate was returned to the rack in Wal-Mart for potential sale at $9.77.

Left: purchased item – Right: photograph of duplicate.

Maintaining an almost whimsical approach to the subject, both artists have very similar views on mass production and consumerism. The delicacy and craft devoted by each, lends even more to the shrouded meaning both are trying to exude via their work.


Upon reading an article about his work in Sunset Magazine, I was very intrigued by the work of Andy Cao.

His beautiful installation Cloud II in Malibu, CA–which was featured in the article–was so beautiful and ephemeral that I had to find out more. After doing some more research I discovered a video of Cao himself discussing his work.

(Yes, I stole the title, but I thought it was too clever not to use myself)

Lullaby Garden, Corner Stone Gardens in Sonoma, CA, 2004

I love the wistful feeling the fishing-line fence lends to the piece; enclosing the plants but still leaving an air of vulnerability to the work.

lily 2

Jardins des Hesperides, Metis Festival of Gardens, Quebec, Canada

The beautiful lines of the work Cao and Perrot produce is just breathtaking.

For more inspiration on garden spaces check out Pocket Gardens.