Yesterday I was so busy having a fabulous day, that there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for me to blog about it.

After being apart for about a month, two of my lovely friends decided to come visit Portland for the weekend. Along with beau in tow, we met at a delectable gem, Navarre on NE Burnside.

It’s quite a small venue, as well as the plates, but the atmosphere is really quite nice. The food was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so adventurous with my palate as I was last night. The theme yesterday was of the Catalonia region in Spain; all the specials revolved around that region, while the regulars on the menu were tired and true favourites.

Our first endeavor was the wine. I’m pretty big on white, but my lover is best friends with Shiraz–or ‘tree bark’ as I fondly refer to it. We decided we would try a white wine though, originating from the San Juan Islands up in Washington; where my lover’s father resides. We both had never seen any wine from the area, and decided to be adventurous. Oh. My. Goodness. Probably just the best wine selection ever, in which we both agreed (!). We’re going up to the San Juans in August and plan on returning with a bounty of this wine.

The bread course arrived next, with a earthy, peppery and almost smoky kind of d’huile d’olive, which pared very nicely with our wine. Then our first plates came out and I enjoyed a tapas of fat sugar snap peas with fennel fronds and lemon zest, trying some of my lover’s rabbit in garlic sauce with  (which was really quite good) and some of my friend’s terrine.

We were quite full after our second round of mini meals. The beauty of the restaurant is that because they serve only tapas, you can get a few and try many different things, but still feel like you’ve eaten because of the richness of the food.

For more information check out their blog.

Next we headed to East Burn where Boy and Bean were performing lending a cool vibe to the atmosphere.

It’s a fun place to go with a group plus their Trinity Fries are good. However the best part about them is their Roasted Tomato Aioli.  YUM.

I highly recommend both places for a fabulous night out.


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