I actually almost did start crying when I saw this. Too beautiful.

picassowoman has an entire photostream (via flickr.) of vintage streetview snaps that are incredible.




Whilst reading sfgirlbybay‘s blog this morning, I saw some pretty ingenious hangers that I just had to write a post about. Yes, they are that great.

The artist Antonello Fusè created this series of coat hangers-Abitudiniwhich utilizes the backs of old chairs. The concept behind using the backs of chairs for the coat hangers is the tradition of hanging a coat on a chair back; therefore giving the object a more explicit purpose.

Ah! They’re so great! This reminds me of Joan Crawford’s freak-out in Mommy Dearest.

They’re definitely not wire!


I just discovered the amazing work of Berlin artist Jan Vormann and his incredible (and ever growing!) body of work DISPATCHWORK.


Across from Penn Station/Madison Square Garden- 7th AVE /32nd ST

Jan and his team ‘fill in the cracks’ so to speak, of damaged buildings with Lego pieces. The project began in Europe originally, where Jan would ‘repair’ buildings that suffered from World War II bomb and shrapnel damages.


So I know I’ve been more than negligent with my blog this last week. My deepest apologies.

I was out of town for a few days, and when I came back the stress of work and trying to get back into the swing of things overcame my blogging abilities.

So here is my olive branch

Give Heart (Red/Blue/Espresso)

This super cute fabric wrap from ChewingTheCud. Seriously… SO CUTE.

Give Heart (Red/Blue/Espresso)

The attention to detail is incredible.

Give Heart (Red/Blue/Espresso)

There are a ton of other adorable and cheeky designs on their site, but this was by far my favourite.

Plus… I wheelie do like you :] Here’s to being back on track!


American Apparel apparently was having a free shipping event the last four days and I sadly just missed out. However I did scope out some pretty sweet styles that have lifted my spirits.


Ugh. Look at this sweet new Lace Chiffon Dress. The whole look is adorable and something I’m looking forward to trying out in the fall; I love the socks with the T-Strap Mary Janes.


The Unisex Circle Scarf in Natural/Cappuccino is tres chic. The price tag on this isn’t too bad if you take into consideration AmAp’s normal price range. Plus it’s practical for any season.


With Autumn just around the corner these Ribbed Modal Over-the-Knee socks would be perfectly paired with your favourite tall boots. Plus the advertising is just so sexy.

The Lawn Tank might be a bit racy to wear out on your front lawn. Paired with a structured blazer and the right underpinnings this tank could take you out on the town.


I. Love. Pillows.

This is not a new obsession. I have had a love affair with throw pillows since I could sew at the age of 5. All of my dolls had hand-made pillows ever before sweet frocks were given to them.

Today I am rekindling my love/obsession/passion for sweet pieces of heaven.

Vintage Love - Throw Pillow Covers - 16x16 Inches Silk Pillow Cover  with Ribbon Embroidery

This romantic pillow-cover with ruffled dupioni silk embroidery is quite a lovely addition to a wistful bedroom.

Birds and pillows… kind of a no-brainer. This lovely Chinoiserie throw pillow from Dwell has a sweet graphic without looking too punchy.

Reminiscent of the tchotchke-kitsch of my Grandparents house, this Velvet and Lace round has a vintage feel without the musty colour palette.


The geometric design is toned down with a beautiful mustard colour in this Latham throw pillow from Bliss Home Living. Check out the site for some more fabulous fluffs.

AHH!!! Look at these pillows! Like a paint-by-number, the design on these You & Me Euro Shamscombines numeric and organic lines to give an overall feeling of child-like imagination to the set. I’ll be dreaming of these beauties tonight!