I. Love. Pillows.

This is not a new obsession. I have had a love affair with throw pillows since I could sew at the age of 5. All of my dolls had hand-made pillows ever before sweet frocks were given to them.

Today I am rekindling my love/obsession/passion for sweet pieces of heaven.

Vintage Love - Throw Pillow Covers - 16x16 Inches Silk Pillow Cover  with Ribbon Embroidery

This romantic pillow-cover with ruffled dupioni silk embroidery is quite a lovely addition to a wistful bedroom.

Birds and pillows… kind of a no-brainer. This lovely Chinoiserie throw pillow from Dwell has a sweet graphic without looking too punchy.

Reminiscent of the tchotchke-kitsch of my Grandparents house, this Velvet and Lace round has a vintage feel without the musty colour palette.


The geometric design is toned down with a beautiful mustard colour in this Latham throw pillow from Bliss Home Living. Check out the site for some more fabulous fluffs.

AHH!!! Look at these pillows! Like a paint-by-number, the design on these You & Me Euro Shamscombines numeric and organic lines to give an overall feeling of child-like imagination to the set. I’ll be dreaming of these beauties tonight!


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