American Apparel apparently was having a free shipping event the last four days and I sadly just missed out. However I did scope out some pretty sweet styles that have lifted my spirits.


Ugh. Look at this sweet new Lace Chiffon Dress. The whole look is adorable and something I’m looking forward to trying out in the fall; I love the socks with the T-Strap Mary Janes.


The Unisex Circle Scarf in Natural/Cappuccino is tres chic. The price tag on this isn’t too bad if you take into consideration AmAp’s normal price range. Plus it’s practical for any season.


With Autumn just around the corner these Ribbed Modal Over-the-Knee socks would be perfectly paired with your favourite tall boots. Plus the advertising is just so sexy.

The Lawn Tank might be a bit racy to wear out on your front lawn. Paired with a structured blazer and the right underpinnings this tank could take you out on the town.


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