Perhaps I have an affinity for the name LuLu (it was my name in French class for several years) but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that I just fell in love with louloudo‘s (Lousie Evans) SUPER DUPER THINGS shop on Etsy.


I want everything. Seriously.


Mini leather stag silhouette in vintage frame

This is probably my favourite item: Mini Leather Stag Silhouette in a Vintage Frame.

It’s just so small and so sweet, and makes my little heart beat beat beat.



Mirror Mirror Necklace.

Totally the fairest of them all.


The Schoolmistress - vintage collar necklace

Schoolmistress Vintage Collar Necklace.

I’m dying. This is so cute.

Wing Commander - epaulette brooches


Wing Commander Epaulette Brooches.



Sooo… if anyone wants to get me a early/late/half birthday gift or something for the holidays I’m just giving you a heads up. :]


Her things are seriously amazing though, and you should check out all of her other endeavors via any of the links I posted at the top.

Happy Shopping!



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