I know I’ve been on a recycle/reuse scene lately, and this post is no exception.

Smiley Neckpiece

These somewhat horrific, beautiful (I guess in a word sublime) and incredibly crafted jewels are the work of one Margaux Lange.

Six Pack Abs Ring

Lange’s Plastic Body Series utilizes iconic Barbie, as you’ve never seen before; deconstructed, set with sterling silver and pigmented resins. Her desire to take the mass-produced and turn it into handmade, unique wearable art is fascinating.


Starburst Hand Brooch

Lange says of her work, “I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized.”

Bosom Bracelet

Lucky for you she sells her wears on Etsy, as well as a few boutiques and galleries.

For all of her listings check out her website.

Swimming Smile Brooch


Happy Recycling!

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