More like cars, cans, dumpsters and I-beams.


Fabricate II Oxy-Acetlyene cut steel I-Beams, 2003.

Cal Lane, sculptor and welder, is internationally acclaimed for her lace and filigree steel works.

5 Shovels Plasma cut steel shovels, 2005.

As an undergrad in metalsmithing, I found Lane’s work to be very inspiring, especially the shovels and wheelbarrows. (Yes, I did metalsmithing in college–the timid-tool-novice-shy-muscled-master of craft–I’m full of surprises, I know)

Wheelbarrow Plasma Cut Steel wheelbarrow, 2007.

Lane working on her installation piece 1,000 Gallon Lace Oil Tank, Oxy Acetlyene cut steel, 2009.

Hood and Door Plasma cut steel car parts, 2006.

Check out her website to see all of her works.


+ listen: Fall Mix

+ read: Matchbook Magazine

+ make: Herringbone Cowl



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