Oh my gosh. Can I just say I am so excited for what you are about to see? Seriously, I’m giddy.

In my Arts in the Elementary School course I took this term we had to make a stop-motion animation film–complete with story boards, backdrops, characters, everything. This is the result of 3 hours of hard work (I don’t want to give away the story just yet because you have to watch it!)

Maybe I’m obsessed because I thought it was so amazing–we seriously took over 400 frames to make this not-even-a-minute long clip–but I watched it probably five times on the camera when we made it. I was super impressed how our transitions turned out because when actually doing them I didn’t think it would look so great.

For those of you who didn’t get it… a synopsis: our story is entitled Efforts in Futility, where our protagonist is a snowman whom is self built. After an arduous journey he reaches his unintended final destination–to obtain a canonical carrot nose from a satirical “Pole” Foods grocery–where he melts before he is complete.

Complex, right? If you check out asteelpdx‘s account on youtube, you’ll find other groups who created films for the class as well. One of my personal favourites is theadventure: in which a man on a boat is swallowed by a whale, and it shows his adventures within the cavernous interior of said whale. They’re all great though, so watch them!




swoon vs. cyclone, Brooklyn Museum

Today my post is actually something I have to do for school, but it was pretty amazing and inspiring so of course I had to share.

For my Art in the Elementary School Studio class we’ve been divided up into small groups and asked to research an artist to theoretically introduce to elementary-aged students and present ways in which to integrate the art with other subjects relevant to the students, as well as the artist.

So pretty easy right?  Haha, well… with the artist my partner and I are doing our research on, it is.

“Callie” Curry aka Swoon is an amazing Floridian turned New York street artist. Utilizing blockprinting and wheatpasting as her main medium, Swoon creates beautiful images of the people around here. (For a more in depth description of her work and intentions visit Philagrafika 2010)

We’re basing our research off of this clip, which along with the website mentioned above, I believe give a pretty great summation of what everyone is Swoon-ing over.


Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was too busy graduating. :]

Upon receiving my diploma, I was presented with one last laugh from the University’s sick sense of humor.

I worked for 4 years to receive a piece of paper that says, “Yes you can hire me, I am a certified intellectual.” And after paying an $11 commencement fee… for the printing of said paper, I expected to have it there in my hot little hand at the graduation ceremony. Surprise, surprise…

Needless-to-say my sides were splitting from laughter upon reading, “8-10 weeks.” I am SO glad I’m done.


The sun is out! It obviously is a result of how fabulous my last post was. Obviously. :] Though the sun is out, it’s still only 50°F outside. It’s okay, at least I don’t have to wear my rain boots today.

Things I’m also excited about today:

  1. Getting my 4×5 camera today! The photo lab opened up so I can start developing and printing today.
  2. First Friday Art Walk tomorrow. It’s kind of like First Thursday in the Pearl, only smaller and more… Eugene-ish.
  3. My AAD-Planning Interpretive Exhibits-class starts tomorrow and we’re planning an exhibit: Tie Dye and Tofu, at the Lane County Historical Museum.
  4. These glass birdies from Crate & Barrel.
  5. This image by Chrissie White from popphoto.com’s 2010 American Photo GoPro Contest
  6. The new pattern making feature at colourlovers.com

fin. de. siècle.

Though it isn’t exactly the end of a century it kind of feels as though it is one for me; today I finished my undergraduate education in it’s entirety. It’s been a pretty hectic week:
– a 25 page paper on the affects of popular culture on our present-day perspective of PreColumbian Mesoamerican culture
– 15 4×5 contact prints
– a portfolio so large and cumbersome it only fit in a carry-on suitcase
– 32 drawings

And to prove I’m not making all of this up, images will be posted shortly.

I am super excited for tomorrow!

  1. I get to bring back my library books that I used for my 25 page paper which will clear up a ton of space on my desk and feel pretty refreshing
  2. My friend Monica and I are going to get new gym clothes so that we’ll look stylin’ when we go to the gym all of next term
  3. Monica and I are also helping our friend Neil bake a cake for our other friend Molly, whose birthday is Saturday
  4. Leaving for home in 32 hours!!!

It is going to be a great weekend. :]