I took this video a while ago from the back of my lover’s motorcycle on the most perfect summer night. It’s pretty low quality considering the camera is a tiny point and shoot, but I kind of really loved that aspect.

This is a work in progress; I want to go out and take some more footage and edit it a bit more. I was simply proud of myself for having made a short film and I’m obscenely technologically challenged.


Today starts off “Insect Week” at camp. I normally try to do crafts with the kiddies that corresponds with the theme, but I’m not a big bug-lover.

Fortunately! I found these sweet little origami butterflies on Etsy

Origami Butterflies in Shades of Yellow

Which inspired me to make some butterfly mobiles with the little ones. Photos to come later of how the project turns out.

I think I mentioned once beforehand that I’m a resident assistant at the University of Oregon. I’ve been doing this for three years now, and upon graduating I think one of the things I’m most excited about is living outside of the box (quite literally). Well, today is the first day the residents have all been completely vacated from the halls, and I took their absence to my advantage by photographing their empty rooms.

I know that right now I could never think that someday I would miss these hallowed halls, but I know I will in the very distant future. These photographs are small mementos for myself, to remind me that my current living situation–in the future–is so unimaginably better in comparison.


Today I had to do a presentation on artists and things that inspire my photographic body of work, and I just decided that I would also share that with all of you, since I’ve been bad about posting my work.

The first thing that really got me into photography was a short film that my basic photo instructor showed during one of our first classes and it stuck with me ever since. I’ve seen this film several times because that’s just what we do in photo, but it’s actually pretty phenomenal in my opinion. The film La Jetée (aka. The Pier) is a post-apocalyptic photo-montage that was actually the inspiration to the film ’12 Monkeys’. It also serves as a great inspiration to my work.

I also love Uta Barth and Guiseppe Penone, but I’ve already done posts about both of them.

A lot of my work seems to come from the same place: my obsessions. I’m actually pretty obsessively compulsive about cleanliness and well, just anal retentive about everything else basically. My first real body of work focused around how many times I washed my hands in one day; I would take a picture of the sink I washed my hands at every time I washed my hands. Subsequently I made a book of all 84 images.

These images were taken in the printmaking studio where I had an 8am Intaglio class. Powdered Resin and Ferrous Chloride tend to make me scrub my hands pretty vigorously.


My next body of work was all about how I try to erase my physical presence in my own home, and even no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t matter there is always a trace left behind. The whole exercise actually made me more neurotic than I already am, so I decided to stop and move on to a new concept.

40 Day Dream

The idea that small traces of my body made such a big impact on my environment was pretty outrageous to me. I started exploring the idea of utilizing my body to create landscapes and subsequently began my largest body of work: 40 Day Dream (after the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song). This was the first image taken of my initial sleep study.

i’ve. been. framed.

Images from my final portfolio for Adv. Photo.

The above images are a summation of the work that I executed throughout the term. The idea was originally based off of a pretty strange encounter. I was at a relative’s house and on a bookshelf was a frame with the insert still left in the frame; on the insert was a highly idealized scene of a leggy blond running on the beach with a golden retriever. Seeing this image of  another person, someone who didn’t belong, framed seemed so strange to me. I decided I would take images from my life, images that were not highly sterilized and idyllic and put them in picture frames in big box stores so that other people could have a piece of my life in their home.

After several shady trips to Target and Wal-Mart, my work was more-or-less complete but the idea still needed to be presented. These images above aim to display this strange dichotomy that has presented itself with this idea. Unfortunately the images above are simply the images, but they each were framed with similar white framing. A frame within a frame within a frame essentially.

sleep. study.

This is the first of the series that I’ve been working on in my large format class. This particular exposure is only about an hour long, but the rest of the series is upwards of 4 hours.  This body of work discusses issues surrounding omnipresence, sleep, consciousness, the environment in relation to the body and mind.