Two weekends in a row J and I have been to the river.

Of course, I didn’t bring my camera to take pictures because J didn’t think it was safe to bring valuables into the canoe with us. He’s a smart man… so you can blame him for the lack of photographs.

This leaves the score: summer fun: 2 :: blog: 0


+ covet: Tree of Life litho print

+ make: sign up for DIY Dress Up (an e-sewing course) via A Beautiful Mess

+ blog: Design Darling



Breaking out my nautical-themed cashmere afghan as I sail away on a sea of loveliness.

(Ugh, I make myself sick sometimes with how saccharine I can be)

pirate ship cake

How cute is this Pirate Ship cake via Baked Bree?!



I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but this sand-encrusted turtle is precious.

Beach-combing Series No.6 by Quercus Design


+ watch: The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy

+ visit: Fishs Eddy

+ eat: Tilapia and Quinoa with Feta & Cucumber




crawled up the water spout.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday this past week. Of course now everything is all about Christmas until “dooms-day” actually arrives.

So in following the bandwagon… of course I got sucked in… I’ve created a Treasury on Etsy of some beautiful items to give as gifts or to give to yourself; without being ridiculously holiday-centered but still lovely for the holidays as well as year-round.

Here’s a taste of what’s on the menu:

SALE no matter how hard I try (mini print)

On Sale! from Restlessthings, this sweet mini print would make a sweet gift if wrapped up in a frame

PS. She makes GORGEOUS prints, so check them out!

Khaki and White Doily Stationery (set of 8)

Instead of sending those tacky “Seasons Greetings” cards, surprise your pen pals with this darling Khaki and Doily Stationery from Dawn Correspondence

La Coquette Shea Butter Soap - Parisian, Lavender, Amber, and Tonka Bean - by Sweet Petula

Give the gift next to godliness with these sumptuous Shea Butter Soaps from Sweet Petula

noemie lace necklace (ivory)

Treat yourself to something lovely for all of those end-of-the-year parties and such with this sweet Lace Necklace by Whiteowl


*Side Note: I’m not really into the holidays. I’m much more of a ‘nondenominational’ kind of girl–my family being Jewish, my lover’s family being agnostic and half Persian–it’s just easier that way. So pardon any lack of enthusiasm I have towards the month of December.

Happy Shopping!


Hand Plate

The sweet hand plate above is from Ardayclay (sorry it’s sold out!)


So as aforementioned in a few of my posts, my posting schedule has to change for some pretty cliché reasons, but I’ll still explain my way to redemption.

For those that don’t know (or haven’t read my page… ahem, yes you) I work at the Portland Children’s Museum as an Early Childhood Education instructor plus I’m attending Portland State University for my Masters degree in Arts Education with 45 hours of practicum to fulfill at Sunnyside Environmental School.

Needless to say I’m just a little bit busy, but definitely in a good way. Unfortunately that means that blogging has to be left for Sundays when I’m not working, schooling, or practicum-ing it up. Don’t be sad though because this means that I’ll actually have a posting schedule where-as before I would just randomly post whenever I could. Yay for organization!

Perhaps I have an affinity for the name LuLu (it was my name in French class for several years) but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that I just fell in love with louloudo‘s (Lousie Evans) SUPER DUPER THINGS shop on Etsy.


I want everything. Seriously.


Mini leather stag silhouette in vintage frame

This is probably my favourite item: Mini Leather Stag Silhouette in a Vintage Frame.

It’s just so small and so sweet, and makes my little heart beat beat beat.



Mirror Mirror Necklace.

Totally the fairest of them all.


The Schoolmistress - vintage collar necklace

Schoolmistress Vintage Collar Necklace.

I’m dying. This is so cute.

Wing Commander - epaulette brooches


Wing Commander Epaulette Brooches.



Sooo… if anyone wants to get me a early/late/half birthday gift or something for the holidays I’m just giving you a heads up. :]


Her things are seriously amazing though, and you should check out all of her other endeavors via any of the links I posted at the top.

Happy Shopping!